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Skincare and Spray Tans

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Skincare routines are important to my clients! However some products will adversely affect your spray tan which is reviewed at the end of your appointment. It is not just post care skin usage that could alter the outcome of your spray tan but also using those products prior can cause uneven absorption, over processing of the solution or no color at all.

Retinol and Acne products will dry out your skin. It is best to disuse these products topically for 2-4 days prior to your spray tan appointment as it can cause patches on the face, unevenness in color or your face can over process the solution and be too dark or pull a tinge orange. If you take acne medicine orally it can also interfere with your tan's development. Let your spray tan artist know if you are on medications. This will let her assess the best product and length of time to process so you don't have an adverse reaction.

Vitamin C serum and Micellar water are super popular for facial care. While these products are effective for skin care and glowy skin, they are not good for spray tans. They are too astringent and will remove the tan color right off your face. In fact, Micellar water can help remove self tanner and make up products from your clothes! Also avoid using toners and witch hazel while you have your spray tan. Again, these products are too astringent and meant to remove product from the surface of your skin!

A water based lotion is best for your face and body when you have a spray tan. Avoid any lotion that says "extra or ultra moisturizing " because it will most likely contain mineral oil or petroleum which both are bad for spray tan care. They will lead to patchiness, uneven fade and reduce the length of your tan.

I review all of these things at your appointments and many clients send me pictures of their skincare products so I can offer the best advice while you have a spray tan. I want your tan to last as long as possible and the products you use prior and post tan will largely impact your results.

I will be doing a video soon on skincare products that are best for spray tans! Stay tuned!!

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