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How to Create the Perfect Tan!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

It is easy to create a perfect, long lasting airbrushed tan. It is all about the preparation!! Your skin must be a "clean canvas," which means free of any lotion, moisturizers, soaps, residue from shampoo/conditioner, gels, make-up, deodorant and even those moisturizing strips from razors. Try to exfoliate the day prior to your scheduled spray tan with an exfoliating mitt, loofah or use washcloth vigorously without soap. Also, shave the day prior. The moisture strips can leave a residue that will interfere with your tan application. Shaving same day can sometimes pool the solution into little dots around your bikini line and on your legs. Spray tan artists are used to body hair and have no ill will against it!! Make sure to have bare skin at your appointment (no products!) and wear loose clothing. I often ask my clients to bring sweats and a baggy sweater so they don't need to put their bra back on while they process. Those pesky straps will leave a line. Do not wear leggings or sports bra. You are paying good money for your tan. Put in the prep time and you will ensure that your tan will apply and absorb into your skin evenly and nicely. Clients who prep and moisturize afterwards usually will have tans last 10-14 days and the tan will fade well, not patchy. Sometimes, you have a last minute event and need to spray tan that day. Opt for a rapid tan and try to get a quick shower, wash vigorously only with a wash cloth using no soap and do not apply any products or deodorants. You will still get a good application and beautiful tan.

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